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The advantage of hydraulic presses compared to crank presses is that they can have 2 or more times less nominal force for the same tasks, moreover, they are more suitable for repairs. Hydraulic presses are more versatile in stamping, they allow seamless stamping of complex forgings in 1-2 transitions and the use of such efficient processes as: reverse, lateral, radial extrusion. The smaller force of the hydraulic press (up to 250 tons) allows the use of smaller overall equipment, which significantly reduces the complexity of its manufacture and reduces its cost.

The small dimensions of the dies reduce setup time and increase production speed, which is especially important when ordering small batches. All this leads to a noticeable reduction in the price of the finished product. The company produces small-sized hydraulic presses with a hydraulic accumulator drive and control from a programmable controller, which allows efficient processing of small forgings. Their positive qualities include low cost, low power consumption and small dimensions that do not require lifting mechanisms for installation and repair.


The company also develops and produces non-roll-off high-speed presses, which are distinguished by small dimensions and weight, but high metal deformation rate (20 - 30 m / s). The colliding masses of high-speed presses represent an isolated system and therefore, when stamping, do not cause vibration of the soil and neighboring structures, they can be installed. Due to the high speed of movement of particles of the deformable metal, a significant increase in temperature occurs, which is reflected in the better filling of dies, thin ribs and increases the ductility of difficultly deformed metals.


The development and manufacture of dubious high-speed presses is a complex scientific and technical task, which only a few enterprises in the world are engaged in. Our company has the technical potential to solve this problem.