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Hot Stamping

The company has the equipment on which the die tooling and equipment, means of mechanization and automation of the stamping process are made:


  • several hydraulic presses (from 100 to 250 t)

  • thermal high-temperature equipment (electric furnaces up to 1350 ° С), necessary for heating billets and subsequent heat treatment

  • equipment for cleaning forgings

  • own park of metal-cutting machines (turning, milling, grinding, coordinate, CNC machines)

  • Materials: all steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and other types of non-ferrous metals

  • Accuracy: 0.3-1mm

  • Allowance, if machining is needed, 1-2mm

  • Minimum quantity: from 20 parts per month

  • Weight: up to 20 kg, depending on the configuration of parts and up to 25 kg


Our difference is in advantages over other enterprises:


Due to the use of our modernized press with a force of 250 tons and non-standard methods of stamping (descriptions are given below), we stamp blanks, which are usually produced on more powerful and more dimensional presses. Less punching force allows using less dimensional equipment, which significantly reduces the complexity of its manufacture and reduces its cost. Small dimensions of the stamps reduce the time for adjustment and increase the speed of production, which is especially important when fulfilling orders of small lots. All this leads to a noticeable decrease in the price of the finished product.

We ourselves model the stamping processes, design and manufacture die tooling, as the high professionalism of our designers, engineers and other specialists, ensures competent and high-quality production, which in turn guarantees the reliability of products.