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Vacuum forming

Thermoforming of plastics is a method of creating volumetric products and blanks of various shapes from plastic masses by heating and combining with a matrix.
The process of manufacturing products can be divided into two main stages:
1. The manufacture of the mold, which will be the process of vacuum molding of plastic. This is the most time consuming and lengthy process, requiring special knowledge and skills possessed by our specialists with extensive experience in this specialization. Depending on the circulation of the order, requirements for the quality of the surface of the molded product, accuracy of execution and price policy, the material for the mold is chosen. The production of three-dimensional forms is carried out under the control of highly qualified designers, technologists and other specialists on a high-tech milling machine using specialized software and tools.

2. Molded plastic sheet. Due to the heating in a special chamber of the molding machine, the plastic softens. Next, the plastic is placed on the mold and the air is pumped out from the space between the sheet of softened plastic and the matrix. It must be said that the profitability of vacuum thermoforming is directly proportional to the circulation of products.


One-time costs for the manufacture of molds become insignificant in the manufacture of a whole batch of identical bulk products. Using this technology, you can save money and time, greatly enriching the plastic properties of the finished product.
The technology of vacuum thermoforming involves the use of plastic in the manufacture of products. Most of the plastics on the market today — general purpose polystyrene sheet, ABS plastic, plexiglass (PMMA acrylic glass), various copolymers, etc. — are more or less molded, but there are a number of limitations when choosing a material for a specific task.Of great importance is the complexity of the form, the depth of molding (hood), the presence of internal illumination in the finished product.

The use of the latest technologies, modern equipment, many years of experience and high professionalism of our employees gives us the opportunity to produce high-precision products of any level of complexity, ensuring a full cycle, from design to getting ready-made, ordered products of the highest quality.

Becoming a client of our company, you will receive: the promptness of your orders, guaranteed quality products at affordable prices.